What Your Grocery Store Can Teach You About Building Your Network Marketing Business.

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I took my daughter to DMart on the way home from the garden nearby.

I had been there just to buy some bottles of soft drink as we were expecting some guests at home that night.

As I made my way to the checkout line, I noticed my favorite cookies sitting on the shelf which I couldn't resist adding to my cart.

A couple of steps ahead I saw the bread and realized we need that too…

As we moved forward in the line my daughter saw her favorite chocolates, which I allowed her to add to our cart.

What was supposed to cost me less than 100 ₹ ended up over 1000 ₹

Has this ever happened to you?

Well, guess what…

You are inside a sales funnel!

(Probably without even realizing it…)

Grocery stores are designed to get you to "buy" more stuff as you walk through towards the exit.

Those toys and chocolates in line that grab your kids’ attention as you're waiting to check out aren't there by accident.

Think about DMart: it's designed to expose you to significantly more products than you're interested in. You're literally "funneled" through the entire range of products BEFORE you reach to pick-up the items you desire.

Imagine if you had something similar set up for your network marketing business online?

Where people walk in to check it out... Maybe not even realizing what they're doing...

And they pop out as a customer or teammate on the other end?

It's absolutely possible!

And here I am going to reveal how these funnels have been used to build HUGE network marketing organizations, and how you can set up these powerful recruiting systems to grow your team.

Here at Market Like Pro, we have been recruiting using sales funnels for the past few years and it's been a game changer for our business and our lives.

We no longer have to actively prospect, because we have people reaching out to us ASKING for more info about our company and products daily...

Because they've gone through one of our funnels and it sparked their interest.


A sales funnel is a step by step process which guides your cold market prospects to become your customers and eventually become business builders In your team.

Here’s an example…

As you walk down the street, you see an attractive shirt in a clothing shop window.

You suddenly realized you already need one.

And you step into the store.

As you enter the store, someone greets you by saying, “Hi, welcome to our store. Can I help you?”

You answer, “Yes, I'm looking to get a shirt. I found that one in the window very cool; can you help me?”

The person asks you a few questions…

"What kind of shirt are you looking for, formal casual etc.?"

“What size are you looking for?”

“How much is your budget?”

After you answer those questions, the conversation shifts.

The person says, “Well sir, you know, that attractive shirt you saw in the window is awesome, but as per your requirements and budget, I'd recommend this shirt over here.”

Eventually, you walk out of that store with a nice shirt within your budget.

And guess what…

You had such a great experience you tell your friends about your experience!

This is what is called a funnel.

You went through a series of steps that transformed you from someone who wasn't even thinking about buying a shirt at that moment into someone who spent hundreds, if not thousands, of rupees on a shirt – all in a matter of minutes!

And if you really got value out of the knowledge, recommendations, and experience provided by the storekeeper, you'll likely refer all of your friends to that shop, right?

So, to recap what just happened in this particular funnel…

Step one: you were walking down the street.

Step two: something caught your eye – an attractive shirt in the window.

(Online, an ad or post on social media that catches your eye works just the same.)

Step three: You're interested and walk into the store.

(Online, when you click on an ad or post – it’s just like walking into the store.)

Step four: The minute you walk into the store (or click on an ad), somebody greets you and starts asking questions.

In an online funnel, we assume what your interests are and based on that assumption we provide you information and value - just like the storekeeper in the clothing outlet in the above example.

Here's what I want to emphasize…

Adding value during the sales process is a critical part of an effective funnel.

By asking you questions, the salesperson in the store is making you feel that they understand you, is educating you and is making sure that they serve you in the best possible way.

Exactly the same thing an online funnel does.

You start by assuming about some of the interests your prospects visiting your site or clicking your ad may have.

Then you share value and educate them.

And if your prospect feels good interacting with you, you'll make a sale.

Ultimately, if they got REAL VALUE in doing business with you, they’ll definitely recommend you to their friends and acquaintances and spread good words about you, thus increasing your marketing.

Pretty straightforward, right?

In a nutshell, a sales funnel is a process that converts people from strangers to customers and business builders    

At the very first step of an online funnel, you start to OFFER SOMETHING OF VALUE to your visitors in exchange for their contact information.

And at this point, you come to know that they’re interested in what you have to offer because they have given you their contact information and became your lead.

Continuously providing value to these leads warms them up to become prospects. 

Then you will keep on sharing value to these prospects until you propose an offer to them.

And once they accept your offer, they become your customers and team members.

This process can take as little as a few minutes or as long as hours, days, weeks, or even months.

The power of funnels lies in the fact that they allow your prospects to move at their own pace

Your job is to keep providing value to them and keep following up with them until they become customers or team members.

For online network marketing, the funnel process works like this…

You have visitors on your website.

The visitors are interested in learning about the solutions to some of their problems which you have posted on your website…

And therefore they provide you their contact information and become your leads.

At this stage they are not necessarily ready to buy anything, so don't get excited and start throwing your stuff at them.

They are not ready to join you yet.

So at this point, you give them some VALUE in the form of education, entertainment or solutions to their problems to warm them up.

These warmed up leads become prospects only when they get back to you saying…

"Hey, I am seriously looking forward to learning more about how to do this"

So, Visitors -> Leads -> Prospects

You share VALUE on a phone call, through a video, in a webinar or simply by adding them to a FB group where they can learn about their specific problems…

You have warmed them enough. So now they are ready to become your team members.

But that's not where it ends.

If you want to build a huge team of people who are die-hard fans of you, your products and your company…

...then it's definitely not where it ends!

I have seen a lot of network marketers who don't succeed in this business. They think all they have to do is recruit and they stop there.

That's not correct, recruiting is never enough in network marketing.

The process you follow to enroll team members should be so much VALUE driven and your prospects should be so much educated that thinking about you the first thing that comes to their minds should be…

"Wow, this guy/girl is really cool. He/she really cares about me. Not only that, he/she is giving me a process and a system that helps to become effective at building my business"

This is where your funnel turns those new team members into a fellow business builder just like you.

Now they are actively doing something to build their businesses.

Now they're generating prospects and customers on their own.

But this is also not the point where your funnel ends.

From this point when you continue to provide VALUE to these business builders and constantly educate them, train them…

Then your funnel turns these business builders into LEADERS.

You now teach them how to help others achieve what they have just achieved.

Similarly, they will continue helping others, directing people from the visitor phase to the builder phase.

And that's the key, because only when you are competent of leading other people and making them go through the process from visitor to builders completing all the steps between, you become a leader

Backing people on a leadership level is the greatest level of skill set you want to learn

If you want your funnel to be proficient that is.

With the help and use of technologies we recommend here at Market Like Pro, you will be able to recruit a lot of people into your business.

So in network marketing, understanding our system will help you grow team members into builders and ultimately into leaders themselves so that you can create true leverage and duplication in your business.


Here’s the Quick, Proven & Simple way to recruit an army of serious people right from the comfort of your home using the internet - With no rejection and without wasting your time & money in chasing wrong prospects.

Adnan Kotawala

Adnan Kotawala is a Computer Science Engineering graduate. After working for 14 years as a software engineer his belief in entrepreneurship encouraged him to step into network marketing. He truly believes in embracing the changes in technology with Social Media being one of the biggest Networking Assets! From 2016 to Now he has been exposed to many tools and courses and he is a big believer of the fact that it’s easier to learn from someone who’s already learned and implemented what you’re looking for! So he strongly recommend each and everyone to invest in the right mentorship to grow fast in life and in business.

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