How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Online Leveraging the Five Levels of Internet Automation

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Reality check:

There are a lot of people in network marketing—especially six- and seven-figure earners—who have to work their tail off to maintain their income.

And though they have created a successful lifestyle, when they stop working, their income immediately drops.

Which, I think we can all agree, isn't what you want!

Because if you're anything like me, you started your business to have MORE time freedom, not less.

Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way…

Growing and maintaining your network marketing income doesn't have to be a perpetual “hamster wheel” of near zero time-freedom and autonomy.

In this article, I'm going to share the five levels of automation to scale your network marketing income in the modern technological era.

Plus, I’m going to reveal how you can do so, with increasingly more personal freedom!

So, starting at the top…

What I call “Level Zero” is where we all start…

And it takes place before you even start to build your network marketing business online.

build your network marketing business level 0 the beginning

This level has little or no systems in place for the purposes of automation.

At this level you're simply focused on learning to be effective with the fundamental skills of network marketing, which are related to person-to-person activities:

  • Person-to-person prospecting
  • Person-to-person presentations
  • Person-to-person training

In Level Zero, everything is done in-person and everything is done manually.

This is where we all start because that's where our upline starts us.

You must do hands-on training to enroll people because there are no systems in place to automate that.

It's also up to you to track how well you're performing from a prospecting standpoint.

Any metrics you have, you must produce for yourself.

Basically, everything's manual and person-to-person—the prospecting, the presentation, the training, and the tracking.

But, as you might have guessed if you're read this far, there’s a better way!

And in “Level One,” you begin to automate in order to build your network marketing business.

build your network marketing business level 1 automating lead generation

The very first (and biggest) problem with traditional network marketing we solve here at Elite Marketing Pro, is automating lead generation.

This means putting prospecting and lead generation systems in place, so you're no longer bugging friends and family, strangers on the street, or people at parties.

Now you're no longer in “prospecting mode” every time you're surrounded by people.

You automate the prospecting aspect of your business and create systems to make it happen.

That's where we get all of our students started.

If you are ready to move forward with building your business online, I'd like to invite you to sign up for my FREE 3-Day Online Recruiting Blueprint, where you’ll gain the knowledge to create an automated selling and prospecting system to attract highly-interested prospects to your product or opportunity online.

An example of automating the prospecting aspect of your business is learning how to effectively create Facebook Ads.

Specifically, Facebook Messenger Ads delivered to a targeted audience.

Imagine being able to target the followers of Robert Kiyosaki, or John Maxwell, or Steven Covey, or Tony Robbins.

You target their followers and send a compelling message that creates curiosity and interest.

If you think you can do this on your own, you're sadly mistaken.

I highly recommend you get training from our team because you don't want to do the wrong thing and wind up getting in trouble.

Facebook doesn't look kindly upon mistakes!

If you know what you're doing, you can run ads that lead to actual Messenger chats, on your phone or computer.

And then you can segue those conversations to an actual live presentation, which either you or your upline presents.

At this point, you've created a certain level of automation where the leads are coming in, and you never have to worry about being out in public prospecting, ever again.

So that's level one of this automation scenario—automating your prospecting to build your network marketing business.

However, at this point, you're still doing the person-to-person presentations, so that’s still manual.

Any tracking you're doing is still done manually.

And, of course, when you get a new recruit, you're still going to have to train them manually, one-on-one.

But at least you've solved the number one issue in network marketing, which is finding enough prospects to talk to.

So that's Level One.

Next up…

build your network marketing business level 2 creating conversion systems

“Level Two” involves creating conversion systems, which means automating the presentation part of the business—that's the conversion aspect.

So, at this point, you've got the lead and now you must convert that person to an actual customer or distributor in your business.

Examples of these types of automated or semi-automated conversion systems are sales funnels and webinar funnels.

A sales funnel is just a sales process that's done through a website.

A webinar funnel is getting people onto a webinar—an online presentation—where you can have 100, 200, 500, or even 1,000 people watching and they can make a buying decision or a decision to join your organization, due to that webinar presentation.

Another example of a semi-automated conversion system is leveraging Facebook groups.


There's not just one correct way to do it

There are multiple ways to create presentations and conversion systems.

It's really about focusing on what's most effective for you and your business.

However, at this point, when you bring in a new person, you still have to do the person-to-person training.

So you still have not automated the training and the tracking systems.

So how do you keep track of all the people you've brought in through the prospecting, and how do you figure out where everybody is at?

Read on to find out!

build your network marketing business level 3 creating tacking systems

“Level Three” is when you create tracking systems.

At this point, you have a lot of people signing up and joining, and you need to track your metrics and keep track of where everybody is at in the process.

That means tracking your conversions from…

  • Ad to lead
  • Lead to new customer or new distributor
  • New customer or new distributor to a properly trained distributor

These are numbers you have to keep track of in order to assess the health of your business

If these numbers aren't reaching a certain threshold, then you're not doing something properly.

And you're in danger of your entire business falling apart if you don't have the proper tracking systems in place.

You can't grow what you can't measure.

So you MUST have tracking systems in place.

Note that you can build “Level Three” and “Level Four” at the same time because both are necessary at this stage.

build your network marketing business level 4 automating training

Quick recap:

At this point you've automated your lead generation, and you've automated the presentation or conversion aspect of your business, and you have tracking in place, so you know where your numbers are at.

Now you want to automate the training systems for the purposes of duplication.

Once the training systems are in place you can create massive scale and duplication in your business.

Now, you can build this training as you go.

So as you build your prospecting, conversion, and tracking systems, you also want to create trainings to show your people how to also leverage each aspect of those systems for themselves.

This is going to be through some sort of private membership, so it's not public.

And here's what you're doing…

You're training people through the different stages of growth in their business

This could also be the stages of growth of acquiring certain skillsets.

And as their income grows, you can provide them with pertinent trainings as they hit certain rank levels in their business.

How you do this will be up to you, and unique to your business, but you want to have some sort of training systems in place.

Now, the final level of creating these automated systems is…

level 5 creating business systems

The business systems of “Level Five,” in and of themselves, have many levels.

Unfortunately, I can't dive too deep into what business systems look like in this article, as it's a huge subject, but as an example:

Business systems include hiring a team.

This means putting an in-house team in place to run all the systems I've previously described to build your network marketing business.

The point here is to create time-freedom, right?

So you want to hire a team to maintain what's happening in your business.

But not only maintain it, but you also want to have them continue to…

  • Develop it
  • Improve it
  • Grow it
  • Update it

These are things you don't want to personally do, so you hire a team to do them for you

Business systems are often pretty comprehensive.

Within business systems you have hiring systems, systems for creating the operating manual for your business, financial systems to assure the money is being taken care of properly, etc.

You have a lot of different systems for running an actual company. By the time you get to this level you essentially have a separate business in and of itself because all these systems essentially become their own business entity and are a valuable asset.

This is when you are truly free

Because it doesn't matter what happens to your company, you now have your own asset which allows you to rebuild if something happens to your company.

Or you could choose to help others in the industry build their own systems.

Now, this all might seem overwhelming, and you're certainly not going to do it overnight.

It took me quite a few years in order to get through all these different levels in my business.

In fact, it took me 10 years to get to Level Five.

You're probably not going to get past Level Two in your first year, but you'll be able to incorporate certain parts of level three:

  1. You're going to automate your prospecting
  2. You're going to set up some systems to automate the conversion aspect (or semi-automate the conversion aspect)
  3. And most definitely you're going to set up tracking for those first two levels

Maybe you don't have tracking as sophisticated as, say, we do, but you don't need it to be.

The goal for your first year…

…should be to have Levels One and Two, and a bit of Three in place, so you're creating more leverage and some time freedom.

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I hope this offered you some perspective and things to think about.

Blog credit to Ferny Ceballos, my mentor.


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Taher Ladduwala

Taher Ladduwala has earned a B.E. degree in Computer Science Engineering and associated with the Network Marketing Industry for more than 14 years. He has successfully built his network marketing business online and helped many Network Marketers to grow their business using his social media marketing strategies. In his earlier years in the network marketing Industry, he used to practice the old school methods and found it time-consuming and less effective. He was struggling in generating new leads and was tired of bugging his friends and family. But when he realized the power of internet marketing and learn the skills to effectively build a business online. He was amazed at how simple and easy to duplicate it is. Today, He is helping others in this profession to build their business online with the comfort of their home.

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