Enabling 21st Century Network Marketers to leverage the power of the internet and achieve true time & financial freedom

Market Like Pro is a fast growing community of active network marketers in India who have common dreams like:

Be your own Boss

Work from anywhere in the world using internet

Earn unlimited passive income.

Market Like Pro Pvt. Ltd. is Founded by three entrepreneurs with a passion for financial independence, This platform provides the required skills, training and education program to the people who want to leverage the power of internet to their benefit and willing to work right from the comfort of their homes to build a lifestyle business.




Taher Ladduwala has earned a B.E. degree in Computer Science Engineering and associated with the Network Marketing Industry for more than 14 years. He has successfully built his network marketing business online and helped many Network Marketers to grow their business using his social media marketing strategies. In his earlier years in the network marketing Industry, he used to practice the old school methods and found it time-consuming and less effective. He was struggling in generating new leads and was tired of bugging his friends and family. But when he realized the power of internet marketing and learn the skills to effectively build a business online. He was amazed at how simple and easy to duplicate it is. Today, He is helping others in this profession to build their business online with the comfort of their home.



Adnan Kotawala is a Graduate as a Computer Science Engineer. After working for 12 years as a Software Engineer his belief in entrepreneurship encouraged him to step into network marketing. He truly believes in embrace the changes in technology with Social Media being one of the biggest Networking Assets! From 2016 to Now he has been exposed to many tools and courses and the one that he recommends if you’re thinking about taking your Business Online is here if you want to check it out. It’s easier to learn from someone who’s already learned and implemented what you’re looking for!

mustafa loKHANDwala


Been born and brought in Mumbai belonging to a business family Mustafa Lokhandwala joined his family automobile business in the year 2000, always looking for alternate income sources he came across a network marketing company in 2011 and was fascinated with the fact that he could earn passive income by working for few hours for few years, he immediately joined the network marketing company and has been earning from the industry since then and has earned a 10 million in the last 4 years working at his will.